Science and technology thrills primary school children at the STEAMZone

The Gympie STEMhub organised an exciting 2-day programme of hands-on educational activities for local primary school students on 15 and 16 August.  Class groups moved through a wide range of activities from beachcombing with Cooloola Coastcare, learning about soil erosion with Barambah Education Centre to sorting macroinvertebrates with MRCCC.

The Landcare team was one of the messier displays as students were encouraged to handle, smell and squish leaves of a variety of weeds. Special recognition to Graciey Dennien from class 6L at Gympie Central School for correctly counting the number of larvae on a Madeira vine plant and to Haden Jarling-Seed from class 6C at Jones Hill Primary School for estimating the length of a coil of cats claw vine. Both Graciey and Haden won a nursery voucher.

A highlight for many students was the robotics and cyber activities. Both Ernie and Jenny can testify to the thrills of a ride in a virtual reality chair.

Thanks to Graeme Elphinstone and Ernie Rider for helping for 2 long days at the STEAMzone. Your talent for sharing and engaging children is fantastic.


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