Biological Control

Biological Control

Local Vine Infestation
Biocontrol is the use of beneficial organisms (e.g. insects, mites, fungi) to help control and manage weeds and pests. These are carefully researched by the government to ensure we don’t have another cane toad disaster.
Cats Claw Creeper and Madeira vines. Since 2008, the Gympie & District Landcare Group have bred and released biocontrol agents focussed on the control of the Cats Claw Creeper and the Madeira vine. Both vines are classed as Weeds of National Significance, and more importantly, cause a large amount of environmental damage in our local region.

These highly invasive vines grow rapidly and densely, able to smother not only single trees but entire tracts of forests. They damage not only tree health but also soil health. Additionally, they hamper the movement of wildlife to access trees, in particular koalas, but also other arboreal species such as sugar and feather gliders.

Bugs, beetles and moths

At Gympie Landcare, we breed 3 species of biocontrol agents – jewel beetles, Tingid bugs, and Madeira beetles – to help control the invasive spread of these vines.

Yes we ship our Beetles!

If you are interested in ordering insects, please contact us here to add your name to our growing list of individuals utilising our biocontrol insects.

Our Tingid bugs are only available locally, however our Maderia & Jewel Beetles are able to be shipped further away. 

Tailored advice

Staff and volunteers at Gympie Landcare Nursery can recommend which insects are appropriate to your situation, how to release and distribute the insects, and what to look for to see if the release has been successful.

Additionally, depending on the severity of vine infestation, control of cat’s claw and madeira vine can require different and/or multiple methods for maximum impact. Our friendly Gympie Landcare staff can advise what methods would be most helpful for your situation.  If you are struggling to manage the Cat’s Claw or Madeira vine on your land, contact us today for advice.

Please be aware the insect availability fluctuates with the breeding conditions of the different insects and so orders are taken here to cannot be guaranteed on specific supply dates.

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