We cannot believe that it is Spring already, and we have just reached the end of Term 3 for our Junior Landcare Program. And what better time of year to spruce up your garden than spring time!

With the previous outbreak of the Covid-19 virus leaving many people working from home, our wonderful food garden also suffered the effects of this pandemic eventually.

We have spent the last few weeks checking our soil health, making magic potions to put all the good micro-organisms back into our soil and making sure it is alive and healthy! Once we knew that our soil was up to scratch again, we have now replanted the beds with some vegetables and herbs that were chosen by the children.

We have also made a super-worm-skyscraper compost full of microbial goodness!

Some of the yummy things you can find in our garden include strawberries, corn, zucchini, pumpkins, watermelons and of course some marigolds to attract bees.

Junior Landcare Superhero Ryan also created a “Pizza Garden” where he has planted tomatoes, parsley and basil!

It is now time for a break for a few weeks for the children to enjoy some holidays, before we regroup in mid-October to carry out some very exciting plans for Term 4 of 2020!