Success for Friends of 3 Mile Creek

Landcare members Bruce McCulloch,  Annette Bourke and Wendy MacPherson are also part of a neighbourhood group known as Friends of 3 Mile Creek.  Recently they built on earlier habitat restoration work to successfully complete a Queensland Government Community Sustainability Action Grant project under the auspices of the Gympie Landcare

Their project involved a commitment to improve the environmental health and resilience of the Creek and over the past year, the Friends have used their $4500 grant to support ongoing control work on Cats Claw Creeper and to plant 150 trees to rehabilitate a 1.2km stretch of the Creek bank.

Spraying emergent Cats Claw Creeper, part of on-going work to manage the weeds once rampant in this area

Plantings were also undertaken to strengthen the habitat of existing local fauna including the Powerful Owl,  the Greater and Yellow-bellied Gliders and Koalas.   It is also hoped that re-colonisation by the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly and Glossy Black Cockatoo will be encouraged by the species planted.

Bruce and Wendy regularly monitor water quality in the creek to help understand its environmental health.

Due to their success and commitment, the Friends have already received another grant to continue their work.

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