Overview of MC meeting held at GDLC on April 26th.

We are happy to report that given the rain our contract services work is back on track with Carl and his team working hard to catch up on the work that was delayed due to the drought.

Some renovations are required for our current offices to enable people with disabilities to use our facilities. We contacted the Council, our landowners, for support to fund the renovations. We received a letter from the Gympie Council that renovation of our bathroom facility is GDLC’s responsibility and we have to fund this ourselves. Lavina has applied for a planning grant to get the ball rolling.

The Kingaroy Landcare branch generously donated $3000.- as they closed down, with the request that these funds would be directed to our bio-control activities. Yvonne, our bio-control manager is currently also commencing the sharing of knowledge, free of charge, to other organisations who want to set up bio-control facilities. She hopes that this will result in increased bio-control activity throughout Queensland.

Karen Jarling, one of our members, attended our meeting and has offered to share her very valuable insights from a workshop she attended with Dr Nicole Masters a social ecologist. Nicole talks and consults on the link between human and soil health and how soil can be regenerated. Karen will write a summary for our newsletter, but she made the point that she learned how chemicals if they have to be used, can be applied more efficiently and sparingly.

On the subject of chemicals, Darryl Ebenezer from Qld Water and Land Care, who was present at our meeting, suggested that the use of chemicals will be regulated further in the comings years and that organisations, like ours should start exploring other strategic options so that we are prepared.

Our head of the financial sub-committee, Barry Lambooy reported a healthy cash flow, with income from the nursery, CLS, and BioControl, all on track.

Due to high demand, Shane at the nursery is having to review how propagation of plants can be increased to fulfill the retail demand and that of CLS for the contracts that it is contracted to. He is spreading himself thin in the time available and has requested a review of all nursery resources. This request has been delegated to the HR sub-committee to come up with a proposal.

Carl at CLS reported issues with one of the older vehicles, it probably needs replacing, so he is looking at the best options available. An inefficient vehicle hampers contract work. Both Carl and Barry will look into cost-effective and viable options for vehicle replacement.

Darryl Ebenezer’s from Qwalc attended our meeting and we availed ourselves of his advice and knowledge

Landcare is currently building its education stream as part of our vision to leave a legacy of sustainable land care practices in the Gympie region. We are currently trying to find our way with regard to the correct pricing for workshops. The intention is to attract good workshop presenters who will assist landowners to find solutions for their various challenges or simply to give them ideas on how to improve their practices. The workshop cost needs to cover the costs of the presenter and if possible fund a part-time education coordinator position. We welcome any comment from our members on this.

See you at the AGM,

Antoinette Augustinus Secretary