Summary of the February Management Committee Meeting

To keep you up to date with what is happening at Management Committee (MC) meetings we will be providing a summary of the important points discussed at the meeting every month. The Management Committee meetings take place on the 3rd Friday of each month.

  1. Improved communication and efficiency for our project managers in the Nursery, CLS and Biocontrol is now enhanced by their new Tablets as the IT improvements are rolled out. An additional work vehicle will be delivered this month to boost CLS capacity and assist Biocontrol releases as well. With this improved medium of communication we aim to be efficient in responding to enquiries as well.
  2. The nursery is in full swing planning and propagating to meet orders and demand for future projects for the CLS team. A stock take also took place in the nursery at the end of January 2019.
    Nursery Management reported that sometimes there are not enough hands available to balance their front counter, as well as keeping up with tasks behind the scenes, so…they are always looking for volunteers! Wink wink-nudge nudge!
  3. Please signal your willingness to join one of our friendly teams by contacting our admin staff, who are only too happy to take your details and introduce you to your area of interest at Landcare!
  4. We are considering applying for a grant to get a large rainwater tank to catch water from our roof.
  5. The old plumbing map and outlay as well as subsequent changes are receiving attention.
  6. New rules need to be drawn up to ensure that clients who pre-ordered plants take timely delivery of their order. This, to avoid plants becoming too mature and wasting space and nursery time keeping them alive.
  7. Some rows of plant benches are buckling and need replacement, we discussed options of economically doing this.
  8. Biocontrol harvested plenty of Moths for release in two sites and Yvonne is putting a list together of biocontrol experts she will invite to put their heads together at the planned Forum. The date is to be confirmed and will be held at our Landcare boardroom. Yvonne has staff and a volunteer assisting her now, which is a great relief.
  9. CLS manager Carl discussed how he manages the team to stay safe and recover after extremely hot days in the field.
  10. The Blockies Course has been a great success so far,  judging by the feedback forms after each of the 3 sessions. On 6 February, David Williams in his inimitable way, kept the attendees engaged and fascinated with his knowledge and humour on the unique geology of the Gympie Region. On 13 February, at Ernie Rider’s property, we learned how geology translates into soil and how he transformed a bare paddock into a forest. On 20 February, there was a soil testing with hands-on experience with an expert from The BMRG which inspired attendees to learn more and to put it into practice on their own properties. Many more Block sessions to go which you can still book through our website!
  11. Finally, the Committee noted no further feedback from members on your preferred days/times for the Quarterly Member Meetings, so we decided to continue with our plan to vary days for the purpose of accommodating different preferences until we hear from you! Meanwhile it was decided that attendance and presentation by our Project managers was really important at the Quarterly Meetings, to keep you in touch with the operations. We are planning interesting speakers also.
    Again: if you have an agenda item for our next MC meeting, please send it in before the 2nd Friday of each month, to be included on the day of the meeting, which is the 3rd Friday each month. Admin staff will confirm inclusion of your item by sending you the agenda. As long as you have your name on our list of members interested in receiving the subsequent ratified minutes, these will be emailed to you. Please consult our GDLG website for dates of meetings, as you are welcome to attend these (lengthy!) meetings but we won’t bother everyone with reminders anymore.
    Until next time!

Antoinette Augustinus – Secretary