Recently the wonderful and extremely knowledgeable Vic from Valley Bees came to teach our Junior Landcare Superheroes all about bees! The kids were buzzing with excitement!

We learnt about the life cycle of a bee as well as the various different types of bees that make up a hive (such as the queen, drones and worker bees).

Did you know that depending on the bee’s “job” will depend on the amount of time it takes to reach maturity? Amazing!

We were also able to inspect a real-life functioning hive, to show the children what they needed to start up a hive and also how to be safe around the bees and the hives.

The kids all had a fantastic afternoon and many are super excited to begin working on setting up their own hives at home.

The best part of all was that we all got to try some beautiful local fresh macadamia honey, kindly brought along by Vic.