After the AGM, Graeme Elphinstone, one of our foundation members gave us a short history of Gympie Landcare’s early days. He particularly focused on field days and information sessions. His talk left me with the impression that Gympie Landcare even in it’s early days was very much focused on regenerative agriculture, giving members knowledge on some of the latest thinking and trends in farming. Some of the field days that he mentioned were:

  • Trees and farm planning
  • Landslip stabilisation demonstration
  • Organic farming techniques
  • Horticulture farming systems
  • Yeoman’s keyline plan
  • Sustainable farming practices
  • Gully control in grazing land
  • Earthworms
  • To burn or not to burn
  • Soil structure decline & productivity

He also shared what the organisation considered the priority areas for information and education those focus areas included: halting declining soil productivity, practicing sustainable farming while ensuring farm viability, to establish and monitor land rehabilitation demonstration sites, monitor sub-division of good agricultural and grazing land, promote land care awareness and education.

Graeme even included a handwritten letter by one of our horary life members Gillian Crossley.

Presentations such as this give the current management committee an idea of the intention and history of Gympie Landcare and any successes are build on the shoulders of all the committee members who have come before.

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Mel Marx