The holistic reach of Gympie Community Garden

You might think of community gardens as pockets of land in a community where people just grow and harvest food.
But you may like to think again!

What goes round comes around

Community gardens give back to the community in so many ways…
Last year volunteers showed up at The Palms to do a fun gardening blitz for a lovely couple who had given them a ride-on for free and urgently needed help with cleaning up. A delicious morning tea surprised the volunteers.


Community gardens also improve community connections, knowledge, and relationships.

Planting sweet potatoes and learning about the nutritional benefits of the leaves

Community gardens are generally run by a small group of dedicated volunteers, who give of their time, energy and knowledge for the benefit of the residents of their community. And they have to raise money from time to time… Often they wish they had more helpers…

But they cook, serve and laugh about the onion before the sausage

Gympie Community Garden has so many plans for the future, designed by experts. They will word towards a space filled with different areas for everyone to enjoy – from a kid’s zone to a zen garden, from a flood mitigation zone to a learning centre and more.

Plans provide communities like Gympie with resilience and preparedness

Gympie Community Garden welcomes everyone to their outdoor space. They love your company, hearing your stories and sharing theirs over a cup of tea after a working bee. 2023 is set to be a big one for the gardens, so why not join them?

You too can play a part in the garden and improve your and the community’s physical, mental, spiritual and communal wellbeing!

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