The tiny world of the Tingid – our bug of the month

The tiny Tingid Bug with the big official name of Carvalhotingis visenda is a leaf sucker native to Brazil and Argentina.  It was first released into the field in Australia in 2007 to control the invasive weed Cats Claw Creeper.

Here at Gympie Landcare we have been mass rearing and releasing Tingids around the local region for the last ten years.

Host  specific to the cat’s claw creeper, Tingids suck the sap and chlorophyll from the lower leaves which turns the leaves white and this can cause defoliation and reduce the vigour of the vine.

Eggs are laid on the stem on the underside of leaves and hatch after 15 days.

The Nymphs develop over 25 days before becoming adults which  live for approximately 2 months.  Although Tingids have wings they prefer to walk and only fly when provoked.

If your cat’s claw infestation is too large to manually control or you prefer not to use chemicals on your property, then the Tingid bug may be for you.

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