Good garden health starts with good soil. And one of the easiest ways to improve soil health is to add organic matter, especially in the form of solid and liquid worm castings. This simple act alone introduces fantastic microbiology and nitrogen-fixing bacteria to your soil, improving gardening yields exponentially. Worms can also be added to your garden for even more life – they’re fantastic at breaking down organic minerals, returning even more nutrients to the soil. Worms are best for fruit and vegetable kitchen scraps and soft vegetation, however; not so much garden waste.

Worms, vermicast and worm juice can be purchased from Gympie & District Landcare – they currently sell 2L of liquid castings for only $3 (dilute with water to a 10:1 ratio) and a 1kg bag of solid castings are sold in an eco-friendly wood pulp bag for only $4. They also sell composting worms – 5oog for only $45 (which includes a free 500g of worm castings). 

The worms are packed fresh, and consists of five different species including Reds, Blues, Tigers, European Nightcrawlers and Gardeners Friend. These worms are perfect to start or add to a worm farm, which is a great option for those who may not have a lot of space to make their own compost piles, and even those who would like to minimise their kitchen waste. 

Worm farms should be kept in a sheltered and shady location, and somewhere relatively close to the kitchen is convenient too. Having your own set up is a fantastic option to have solid and liquid castings on tap (literally!), both of which can be mixed with water to produce an amazing liquid fertilizer. A flourishing worm farm will increase its population if the space and food scraps provided permit, with worm numbers doubling every few months, but they can only process a limited amount of waste so it’s recommended that beginners start with 1000 worms per household member. 

If looked after correctly, a worm farm won’t smell or attract pests so make sure you have a chat with the team at Gympie & District Landcare to gather enough information to manage a successful worm farm if this is of interest. Yvonne is especially knowledgeable on all things worms, and is to thank for this fantastic addition to the centre. All profits support their Biocontrol Insects reading facility, and many other Landcare projects.

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