Using bugs to control garden pests

Recently our Bio Control manager Yvonne visited the Bugs for Bugs insect rearing facility at Munduberra where she was able to see how various insects are reared in special temperature and climate control rooms.  Bugs for Bugs are pest management specialists with 35 years experience behind them.

One of the insects that caught Yvonne’s ever inquisitive eyes was the green Lacewing  (Mallada signata) which is one of many insects available to control various pests insects.   As their common name implies, adult green lacewings are green, with four clear wings.  Larvae pass through three moults over a period of 12 days before pupating inside a silken cocoon. Adults emerge after nine days and start laying eggs seven days after emergence.  Adult female lacewings live for approximately three or four weeks and lay up to 600 eggs. Each egg sits on the end of a slender stalk, which elevates it from the ground and decreases the chances of predation by ants. The eggs take approximately four days to hatch.

Larvae of the green lacewing are wide-ranging predators that will attack and eat almost any small insects or eggs. Lacewing larvae are particularly effective at controlling aphids and can consume 60 aphids in just one hour.  They will also attack mealybugs, greenhouse whitefly, thrips, twospotted mite, small caterpillars and moth eggs. 

If you do not want to use chemicals on your property to control pest insects then beneficial bugs might be another option.

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