Shane has been busy setting up our shared office while Lavina has provided us with a computer and internet access which has proven to be an invaluable tool.

Eighteen months into our Leaf tying moth project we began our first field releases. Over 700 moths have been relocated to two sites in Gympie and more are to be released over the next few weeks.  Once we know the moths can establish in the field, we can look at releasing to landholders. Our moth pics were taken by biocontrol’s volunteer Kerrie Odonnell.

Our jewel beetles are in full production with thousands being released since January and while we have reduced our tingid production, the tiny bugs are still going out into the field as usual.

If you would like to release insects onto your property to control cats claw creeper or madeira vine,  Gympie Regional Council heavily subsides the cost by 75 percent for releases in the Gympie Region.  Please contact Landcare to place your order.