Wildlife Protection & Preservation Workshop – 8 June 2019, 9am – 1pm

Come along to our workshop and explore our local wildlife! Learn how to spot our wildlife, where to find them and how to protect them. With resources from both citizen science projects and from the Department of Environmental Heritage & Protection, you will learn how to reference them and what’s going on in your back yard.

The basics of our ecosystem and your local biosphere. Some taxonomy and information on each of the most common species from reptiles to marsupials and birds.
Exotic species and how to effectively assist in their control without harm to our natives.

The course will cover: 

  • What are each of the local family group?
  • Where to find them and how to spot the reclusive animals.
  • Circadian rhythms and seasonal changes.
  • Citizen science – Where to report sightings and get identification of your finds.
  • What is your local biosphere?
  • Predator/prey relationships and keystone and indicator species.
  • Exotic species and their control.
  • Basic wildlife first aid for wildlife.

Learning and enjoying our wildlife is the first step in respect and protection. Learning about our local wildlife will give you and new respect and enthusiasm for how to enjoy and live with our animals. Having a new respect of what is going on in our beautiful ecosystem any time of the year will renew your passion and self-growth.

About Your Host:

My name is Julie and I began my career/ calling about 30 years ago. My great grandfather was the equivalent to a park ranger managing the use of the land with knowledge of the seasons and wildlife. He inspired a passion that has been passed down through my family through the generations.

I studied abroad with a bachelor of science and travelled across the globe learning about ecosystems. I settled in Queensland as its diverse wildlife provided me with an endless opportunities to enjoy study and learn about wildlife.

Since being in Australia I have worked in wildlife rehabilitation earning my certificate 4 in veterinary nursing and on sites across Queensland tracking catching and relocating wildlife both as a Ecologist a fauna spotter and I now run my own business specializing in wild life solutions. My motto is we should all be accountable for our wildlife, to do this we need to know how we can manage our local animals without disturbing them.

It is my passion to pass on knowledge of our local neighbor’s so we can all love respect and protect them.


At our Gympie Landcare office – 5 Groves Road, Araluen, QLD, 4570.

Session Time: 

Saturday 8 June 2019

9.00am – 1.00pm

What to Bring: 

Morning tea will be provided on the day. Please bring a water bottle for refills of cold beverages.


This is a family-friendly workshop and children are welcome, however, the pricing is still the same per child.

How to Register: 

To register, please click here. But hurry, spots are limited!

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