Yvonne Nominated For Quiet Achiever Award

The South East Queensland Pest Advisory Forum was seeking nominations for their Jenny Reeves award. This award is provided to an individual and or a team from within South East Queensland who go about their business of pest management in a quiet and often unrecognised way.  They achieve great things with a minimum of fuss but very few people ever know about it. The above description fits Yvonne Hennell our bio-control manager perfectly. We have sent through a nomination for Yvonne for all the work that she has done breeding Tingids, Leaf Tying Moths, Jewel Beetles, and Madeira Beetles. All these insects help fight invasive vine species such as Cat’s Claw Creeper and Madeira Vine. Not only has she improved breeding and harvesting rates but she continues to improve

Jewel Beetle

the bio-control facility researching new ideas and working with other people in the field. All this work is very visible in many areas around Gympie where the insects have been released and are now showing results. 

Congratulations Yvonne we are holding thumbs.

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