About Us

A bit about us

We believe in the power of collaboration: people working together to restore and care for our planet

Our History

Gympie & District Landcare Group was started in 1988, by some of our local graziers, making it one of the oldest Landcare groups in Queensland. The group was established to promote responsible land management in the region covering Gympie City, Widgee Shire, Kilkivan Shire, Tiaro Shire and other small outlying communities in the region.

During the following decade Gympie & District Landcare assisted with the formation of independent Landcare groups and when Gympie City and Widgee Shire amalgamated into Cooloola Shire the group focused its activities within the new Cooloola Shire. Becoming an incorporated association in 1991, in March 2000 we became the first Landcare group in Australia to be inscribed onto the federal government’s Register of Environmental Organisations. 

Fast forward to the 2020s and Gympie Landcare has evolved from a purely volunteer-run group to become a not-for-profit social enterprise. We carry out projects and undertake a wide range of both business and community activities relating to environmental, agricultural and community resilience and health; disaster management; sustainability and conservation.  We now also employ approximately 16-19 staff.

With the challenges of moving from a fully volunteer organisation to operating as a not-for-profit community business, we continue to adapt what we do and how we do it. However, our vision for a healthy biosphere and commitment to the Gympie Region remains constant and at the heart of everything we do.

Our Vision

Our vision is to restore and nurture an abundant and healthy self-sustaining biosphere

Together with community, we aim to do this by:

Restoring natural environment

Shifting to regenerative food production systems

Increasing sustainable ways of living and working

We're all about the planet

Here at Gympie Landcare we believe that for a future in which all species are able to thrive and successfully co-exist – i.e. to have a healthy and self-sustaining biosphere – a systemic and informed approach is needed. In order to achieve our vision, we have developed our C.A.R.E program.

Our Strategy

Connecting people with land through our programmes and services. We believe connecting people with country happens when we engage with both minds and hearts.

Assessing local ecosystem health – whether a 1000 hectare paddock, a national park or a private backyard – we analyse current ecological and management systems and aim for optimum outcomes.

Restoring ecosystem resilience through increasing biodiversity, soil health and regenerative practices at all scales. We believe that when we work together to restore ecological resilience, we also restore community resilience and wellbeing, thereby restoring whole-of-system resilience.

Engaging with and educating our communities in all of their diversity to increase understanding of the importance and intrinsic worth of a healthy environment and to adopt regenerative and restorative practices in their daily lives and businesses.

We're always grateful

Our People and our Governance

The continuity of Gympie and District Landcare requires a competent, ethical and resilient organisation that is collectively guided by a shared vision, aims and values.

We are blessed with competent and passionate staff and volunteers with a positive and can-do attitude. We welcome people and organisations who are equally passionate about a healthy planet and a sustainable future, and want to make a beneficial and practical difference. We invite you to join us in our journey. (Click here to become a member or make a donation).

Our management committee ensures we stay true to our vision and values; appraises and manages both opportunities and risks for our sustainment and growth; and ensures that Gympie Landcare operates effectively. If you think you have skills and knowledge that can support this, please do link up with us. (click here for more on the MC) 

Our Community and Supporters

We are keenly focused on engaging with the wider community in caring for our natural landscape.
With our 3-prong focus on environment, food production and sustainable living, we engage with a wide range of people, groups and organisations not only in our immediate community, but also state- and nation-wide. We are grateful for their continuing support and engagement.
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