Environmental & Conservation Projects

Field crew planting native species amongst some previously installed erosion control

Gympie Regional Council Projects

Gympie & District Landcare continues to work closely with Gympie Regional Council conducting weed control and revegetation within the district.

The Sands

We continue to battle erosion and invasive species at The Sands and continue to build resilience to future floods. 

Rainbow Beach Erosion Control 

The team has installed Coir logs to reduce dune erosion and has planted native plant species to provide a more permanent solution. 

Widgee Crossing 

Gympie & District Landcare continue to remove Cats Claw and are conducting revegetation to encourage Flying Foxes to return to this historical roosting site. 

Victoria Bridge Conservation Area 

This site at Deep Creek was once an ecologically abundant tributary to the Mary River has been heavily disturbed since mining times and is being restored to reduce erosion and provide habitat for our local birds and animals.

Burnett Mary Regional Group - Koala Habitat Restoration

We at Gympie & District Landcare are undertaking 20 hectares of Koala Habitat plantings in key corridors within the Gympie Region. 
These plantings will provide food shelter and safe passage for our local Koalas and help link key populations of the species. 

Bluebell - Kandanga

Koala Action Gympie Region - PEEK Project

Gympie & District Landcare has been providing planting on private property. 
These properties have been carefully selected by KAGR due to the presence of Koalas and their recorded corridors.
The team have thoroughly enjoyed conducting this work and have been lucky enough to spot several Koalas on the sites. 

Field crew releasing Jewel Beetles for Cats Claw Creeper control

Macadamia Conservation Trust - Amama Walk Project

GDLG have been working with the Macadamia Conservation Trust to locate remnant Macadamia integrifolia specimens and protect them from invasive weeds with the serial culprit being Cats Claw. The Landcare conservation team in alliance with Queensland Parks & Wildlife Rangers have continued to locate Macadamia’s throughout the area and give them the best chance of reaching maturity through weed control. 

In areas difficult to access we have used Biological Control to help with the heavy lifting.
Jewel Beetles have been released in dense infestations of Cats Claw.
These natural predators of the vine will hopefully reach a critical mass and begin to reduce the biomass through their feeding and life cycle.
Bugs released here will spread throughout the catchment and continue their important work.