Environmental and Conservation Services

Specialist Landcare Services

Our professional and highly qualified Environment and Conservation (E&C) team are committed to providing the best environmental outcomes through a range of specialist land care services. These services include:

Led by our highly experienced and professional project co-ordinator Marty McArthur, the E&C team have extensive environmental regeneration and weed management experience. 

Being located in the Gympie region, the team has substantial know-how in regenerating a wide variety of ecosystems, including coastal, riparian and rainforest ecologies. Their diversity of expertise also includes farm regeneration projects and urban plantings.

Our environmental services include advice on species selection, the supply of native tube stock, often grown from local seed; preparation of site; planting; mulching; watering; and maintenance to the choice of the customer.

They have the knowledge and equipment to undertake specialised work in a wide variety of areas with sound knowledge and identification of native plants and weeds, large-scale revegetation projects, selective weed removal and seed collecting techniques. Located in a flood-prone region, they are also available for flood debris removal from affected natural areas.


Our crew has many years experience in the natural resource management industry, with a demonstrated track record in working effectively and professionally with partners, and delivering quality outcomes. Our clients and partners include local landholders, private organisations and businesses, environmental consultants, local, state and federal government, regional bodies, catchment management authorities and catchment groups.

Working with our E&C team not only gives the reassurance of a professional and high quality environmental outcome, it also supports your business or government entity in its Social, Governance and Environmental targets. As a non-profit and community-based organisation, our aim is both environmental and social. Additionally, for government bodies and government funded work, as a verified social enterprise, we are also social enterprise verified and able to support your social procurement targets.

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