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Retail Revamp

Our retail staff and volunteers have been busy refreshing the look of the retail space. It’s a work in progress but we are loving the

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VOLUNTEERISM – THE HIGHS, THE LOWS, THE CHALLENGES & THE OPPORTUNITIES Gympie and District Landcare Group started as a volunteer group 35 years ago in

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Misunderstood Mammals

The Flying Fox are a native Australian animal which despite being adorable, intelligent, and integral to the broader environment they encompass, do not receive the

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Easy Frog Hotel

It is HOT in summer for everything, plants, wildlife, pets and especially our beloved frogs. Frogs love a moist cool place to hide away from

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Congratulations Michelle

On Target! It turns out that our Operations Manager for Gympie and District Landcare, Michelle Fletcher is not just about excellence at work – she

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